Cast Your Cares


Notice that word “all”. It’s found in many translations. That means even the ones we think we could handle ourselves. Do we sometimes find ourselves only casting only those cares that we cannot seem to solve after bringing to bear all of our own resources?

The use of the word “all” (whether expressed or implied) goes beyond worry remediation strategy. In a broader sense, it’s an attitude.

Presupposes Worry

This verse does not appear to be a rebuke for worrying – in fact it presupposes that we have worries to cast upon God. God is trying to help us. He wants us to surrender our worries to Him.

Due Diligence

Nor is this a blanket call to pacifism or laziness. We serve God – not the other way around. We have a part in solving our problems.


That’s a joke folks!

Worry’s Next of Kin – Hurry

The tyranny of the urgent. We’ve all experienced it. But it should not define us. When I see a person that seems to always be pressed for time, running behind, etc. I get the impression that this person is not in control of their circumstances. In fact, it’s the other way around. Don’t let hurry steal your joy. We can cast our hurries upon the Lord too!

The operative word here is learned. Yet, we resist. We work hard to manipulate our circumstances in hopes of yielding a favorable outcome. The secular battle cry starts with the phrase “If only …”. Within us all is a craving for happiness and contentment. It’s not “out there” – it’s within our hearts.

If we will trust God.




Author: Mark Prasek

Christian Technologist. Find me on Twitter @DataGenesis

2 thoughts on “Cast Your Cares”

  1. Thanks for sharing. So glad to find you in the blog world!! These are three different thoughts that I think would be great to separate, even if the video is shorter. The three thoughts are meaty to chew on, maybe an anecdote with each one to illustrate. You mention, what the first tweet says, now tell us What does it mean to you? Just my initial thoughts. Don’t quit!!


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