Not On My Watch

“Not On My Watch”? Parents beware!


I don’t really want to preach a sermon or post a blog on anger. There are many good ones out there and I couldn’t say much to improve on them.

I do want to share and experience from my own life in hopes that you can learn from my mistake.

I don’t have anger issues. I am very slow to anger. But one occasion is burned into my memory. My flesh got the best of me.

It was one of those parent-teacher meetings. You know, the kind you don’t want to have. In a cavalier and bravado tone I bellowed

“You have my word – that will NEVER happen again.”

How arrogant. I wasn’t trying to discipline or help my daughter in any way. I was trying to assert my reputation as a tough guy. My daughters transgression reflected poorly on my reputation as a parent. It was all about me. It was showmanship.

Looking back on it, my transgression was far greater than my daughter’s.

Pride and arrogance can manifest itself in other ways. Have you ever heard (or said)

“Not On My Watch”

Oh – In other words, it’s OK as long as the ambarassment and consequences for the blunder falls on the shoulders of someone else. Your objection and dissent are not based on any moral standard, or even the substance of the situation – you’re just concerned with your own reputation.

Men, fathers – testosterone poisoning has no place in family life or any other relationship. If you need to act like Rambo – go to the gym where at least there’s a chance it will have some positive side effects.

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Author: Mark Prasek

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2 thoughts on “Not On My Watch”

  1. You are right! It takes humility to sit through the parent / teacher conferences. Romans 15:1 says “Now we who are strong ought to bear the weaknesses of those without strength and not just please ourselves.” In our humility we are actually the strong. It’s a paradox, but the truth. Keep writing!!!


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