It’s Not Social Media. It’s a Mission Field

If you’re a believer and God has placed it on your heart to take it to the next level in ministry – we’d like to help.


Social media is different things to different people. For some it’s just idle chit chat. For others it’s a way of interacting with old friend and making new ones.

As for me and my team, it’s a mission field ripe for harvest. Never before has there been such an opportunity. It’s a game changer.

Until now, the way “church” has been done starts with a core group – sometimes lead by a trained professional “church planter”. Initially they meet in homes and form a vision to acquire some property and ultimately build a church. That costs real money folks so add fundraising to the list. Once a few funds are raised, a pastor is needed. Now add even more fund raising so the pastor can be paid. Finally ground breaking day comes. Hopefully there’s more of a congregation so when the plate gets passed, there’s enough money to take care of the added expenses of insurance, utilities, etc.

Literally years may have passed from conception, to vision, to the inaugural worship service – not to mention the tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars. But, it all seems worth it now.

Now that we have a “place” to worship, it’s time to fill the pews. We get together and canvass the nearby neighborhoods. From the pavement pounding, we find prospects. From prospects, we find new members. With more new members, we can raise more money to support the expanded staff, build a fellowship center, build an education building, a family resource center, a gym – you name it!

Glory! What an accomplishment!


This empire has taken years to build at a cost sometimes soaring into the MILLIONS! The recurring cost of maintaining this infrastructure is enormous. Many of our churches have a weekly attendance of less than a thousand.

Do the math. Divide your annual church budget by 52. Then divide that by the average weekly attendance. That will give you an idea of how much to charge for an admission ticket!

Now the kicker. These buildings stand empty the vast majority of the time.

Believe it or not, this system has worked for centuries.

Please do not misunderstand what I’m pointing out. I am NOT suggesting that we tear down our churches. I am NOT suggesting that we declare a moratorium on new churches.

I have good news. Remember I said social media is a game changer?

Patriot Journalist Network (that’s #PJNET on Twitter) has embarked on a social media evangelical mission and God is richly blessing it! It’s not a substitute for corporate worship. It’s not a parachurch organization. And it doesn’t cost millions or even thousands. Our monthly budget is expressed in hundreds (and not even many of them)!

We don’t have any buildings – we don’t need any. We don’t have any paid staff – we’re all volunteers. Honestly, we don’t have many people either. But what this handful of believers is doing in mind blowing. Would you believe that a group of about 50 people are active on social media SIX NIGHTS PER WEEK? The average “impressions” (that’s the number of Twitter timelines our messages reach) is consistently over 150 MILLION per day! Our YouTube channel is in it’s infancy – we haven’t even begun marketing it – yet we are getting over 20,000 minutes of viewing time per month. Compare that with your church’s podcasts!

OK – I’m bragging – but I can’t help it! I am overjoyed with what God is doing!

And you can be a part of it. You don’t need a degree from seminary. You don’t need any special skills. Our team is committed to helping you grow so you can reach even more with the Gospel message. You don’t need any special gear. If you have a desktop or laptop – you’re good to go!

Maybe you don’t even have a Twitter account. Or maybe the one you set up long ago only has 100 followers and you haven’t logged on in years. That’s about where most of our team started. A short time later, many of them have 3000 – or even 10,000 – or would you believe 30,000+ followers! It’s true! We are committed to helping you increase your social media influence. After all – we’re trying to do the Great Commission here!

We are reaching out to Christian bloggers to join the “EMPOWER” network. You’ll need a webcam (about $50) to preach your blog to. Then post it to YouTube. From there, we’ll grab it, add a sizzling intro and dress it up with captions. Then we add it to our playlist that is being watched 24/7 as part of our live chat room. It’s literally an INTERACTIVE internet television station!

And we’re just getting started. There is more, much more, to come!

Ever hear the phrase “equipping the saints”? It usually refers to the pastors role. We’re actually doing it!

If you’re a believer and God has placed it on your heart to take it to the next level in ministry – we’d like to help.

I know it’s hard to explain this movement in the limited time we have here. The best way to “get it” is to visit our facilities. Just go to

and find the links under “Live Hashtag Rallies”

Or feel free to call me (202) 559-4656

That’s what I think. I’m interested in your thoughts. There’s lots of ways to hit me up so let me hear from you.

You can leave your comments below.

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Author: Mark Prasek

Christian Technologist. Find me on Twitter @DataGenesis

5 thoughts on “It’s Not Social Media. It’s a Mission Field”

  1. PJNET is working. I wouldn’t be there if it weren’t. I have faith in the Lord, and in humanity. And I appreciate your insight more than you know. Thank you for the posts, the videos, and the chat rooms, along with the tweet a thons we do.


  2. I am one of those Empower bloggers. Yet, I am still involved in and love my local church. I don’t believe that God is calling us only to one, but not the other. Mark is right….the virtual world is a wide-open mission field. There is no reason why we should not “shift the paradigm” a bit to include it in our evangelistic efforts.
    Christian bloggers, you blog because the Lord Jesus, through His Holy Spirit, has given you “Rema words”. They burn in your soul. Please prayerfully consider taking your blogging to the next level of “vlogging”, making a short video of one of your blog posts. Send it to Mark, who is the moderator/facilitator for Empower, and see if this is a path God would have you walk.
    You can find my vlogs on the Empower YouTube channel Mark referenced above. I am @cantontweet.


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