Bargaining With God Part 2

The reason God is merciful is not that we’ve persuaded Him to be


So often we turn to God in times of difficulty. We all do it – and we should. But before we get into these situations, there’s something we should consider.

Are We Suffering From Logical Consequences?

As much as we don’t like it, it seems that the entire order of nature is engineered to help us make good choices. It is a choice you know. You don’t have to lie, indulge in sexual immorality, cuss, get drunk, or anything else!

I’m amused (?) when people say something like “I found myself ______________ (insert sin)

Found yourself?

Let me get this right. You found yourself in bed with someone you’re not married too? Really? More like you did everything to put yourself in that position.

The fact is – we choose sin. We’re not stupid. We put it on the scales and weigh it. We make a choice to pleasure ourselves. Yes pleasure. I’m amused (?) when Christians play the “you don’t want to do that” card to dissuade someone from making a bad choice. Are you kidding me? I very much DO want to! It’s fun! Satan does not tempt us to become an alcoholic, kill ourselves and others by driving drunk, etc. He tempts us with pleasure. I think we need to admit that sin is fun. In fact, if it weren’t for God, I would recommend it.

So we make our choice and “find ourselves” in the logical consequences. NOW we turn to God and strike up the negotiations. “God if you’ll prevent me from joining to jail, dying, or otherwise suffering the logical consequences of my choices, I’ll become a model citizen and lecture others on why they shouldn’t do what I’ve done.”

We may even mean it – at least at the time. We’re appealing to God’s sense of mercy – but we’re misappropriating it. God is merciful. He will lovingly accept into the kingdom of heaven even the most vile human being who confesses, repents, and accepts Jesus as savior.

Got that? Confess. Repent. Accept.

Not bargain.

The reason God is merciful is not that we’ve persuaded Him to be. It’s because He made a promise.

That’s what I think. I’m interested in your thoughts. There’s lots of ways to hit me up so let me hear from you.

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Author: Mark Prasek

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