Five Ions

Compare yourself with a molecule. Are you an ion?


Our world is made of molecules. I guess you knew that so I won’t talk about that. I want to focus on a special kind of molecule – an ion. But first we need to know that molecules are made of 3 particles

  • neutrons – having no electrical charge
  • protons – having a positive electrical charge
  • electrons – having a negative electrical charge

If a molecule has an unequal number of protons and electrons – it’s a ion!


Compare yourself with a molecule. Are you an ion? If not – you’re not getting any work done – you have no electrical charge. If you’re an ion – do you have a positive or negative charge? Both can get things done, but you make the choice on whether to be positive or negative. There’s a mountain of factual evidence to support being angry, depressed, happy, or fulfilled. It’s a choice you make!

By the way, in an irony of physics – that “positive” terminal on your car battery – it’s got a surplus of negatively charged electrons!

Well, that’s our physics lesson for today. Even if you found that interesting, I doubt you found it useful. It was a trick, uh, I mean illustration. If anything is to get done – good or bad – a series of five words ending in ION come into play. Here’s the ION scale:


Information – we live in an age of info glut. We are constantly being bombarded with information competing for our attention. Car salesmen scream and jump around in commercials – anything to get your attention. Information is abundant and therefore cheap. By itself doesn’t get much done.

Education – some (very little) of the information we get makes it’s way to education. The difference is our engagement. Information seeks us. We seek education.

Persuasion – at some point, we process the information and use it to form opinions to make our world more predictable. Although information may be factual, we use the facts to synthesize a theory that, at it’s core, is based on feelings and emotions.

Motivation – Motivation is the outspoken evolution of persuasion. In some cases, persuasion does more than cause us to hold an opinion.  Opinions are like rear ends. Everybody has one – and they stink. Motivation causes us to take that next step from “it seems to me” to “over my dead body”.

Activation – talk is cheap. When motivation becomes activation things start to happen.

So the “ion” scale goes from abundant to rare. What’s important to you? Anything? If so, where are you on the “ion”scale? Anything short of activation won’t get much done.

Are you wallowing around in “information”? Chances are you already know enough.

Are you in an academic “education” bubble? Colleges are full of talking head professors. You can become an encyclopedia of information. Back in the old days of printed books, that would make you worth about $300. With the internet today, it’s even less.

Are you trying to “persuade” others? Sounds like a good idea, right? You’re probably trying to light wet wood and your using up all your matches. If you’re persuaded, don’t tell it, show it! You’re probably wanting a bunch of people to agree with you. We all want affirmation, but it is a poor substitute for getting started.  If you’re waiting for all the lights to turn green before you get started – you’ll never move. There’s enough people out there that already agree with you to advance your cause. You don’t need more recruits who get more recruits. You need those that agree with you to work together to accomplish the goal. It’s called teamwork – and you can’t win without it.

Are you motivated? Neither persuasion nor motivation are verbs. Pep rallies serve a purpose, but someone has to get out there on the field, take some risks, and put points on the board.

If you’re activated, things start to happen. People see your passion. It inspires them. They probably already had information. They too probably had enough information to do something. They may have even held strong opinions about it. So – they’re on board (kinda)! There is only one thing missing. They need motivation. They need to know there’s a fight to join. Once you get to activation, don’t be surprised when others come alongside you.

That’s how things get done. Now quit reading this information and go get something done!

Very few make it. Very few make a difference. That’s why you can make a difference.

That’s what I think. I’m interested in your thoughts. There’s lots of ways to hit me up so let me hear from you.

You can leave your comments below.

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Author: Mark Prasek

Christian Technologist. Find me on Twitter @DataGenesis

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