Closet Devotional

One of the admonitions of the Christian faith is the idea of daily “quite time” with the Lord. You know, devotional.


One of the admonitions of the Christian faith is the idea of daily “quite time” with the Lord. You know, devotional. Much has been written to offer help with this essential part of Christian living.

Yet, I have always struggled with disciplining myself to do a daily devotional. I could offer excuses, but I don’t believe in excuses. Oh yeah, I would do it for a while. On and then off. The cycle has repeated itself throughout my life. During the “off” cycle, I would experience guilt. Then something bad would happen in my life and I would immediately blame myself and theorize that if I would have been doing my daily devotionals as I should, this never would have happened.

When we began the EMPOWER ministry, my goal was to find Christian bloggers who would use their blog content as talking point notes to make these short videos. Being an alpha male, I was confident that the clever efficiency would be a home run. Well, I ran across @cantontweet (Gena) on Twitter and noticed she had a blog. She had written regularly for some 2 years so I knew she was devoted. When I spoke to her, she shared an interesting testimony that opened my own eyes about daily devotionals.

As leader of a young women’s bible study group, Gena shared with me how she dutifully admonished her students to spend daily quiet time with the Lord. Afterward, she came under conviction that she herself was not practicing what she was preaching.

So, I’m not alone in the struggle of daily devotional.

What she said next not only helped me in my own Christian walk, it blew the doors wide open for the EMPOWER ministry. She said that she used her own blogging as her devotional time! What there’s a cool idea! No more canned literature! On the spot, I committed myself to following her example. Since following her lead, I have had the longest run of daily (well, almost) devotional time I have ever had in my life. Thanks to a “chance” encounter with a Sister in Christ.

But it gets better.

You know, you can just pick up a printed devotional guide, read it, set it down, and be on with your way. Of course, it’s not supposed to be that routine. It’s supposed to be a time of meditation that is reflected upon throughout the day. Frankly, I always struggled with that too. I was just trying to “get through it” so I would not feel guilty. Just putting in my time so to speak.

Blogging is different. No, you don’t just sit down at the appointed time and pound out some words. You can do that at first, but you will soon run out of inspiration. You’ll begin to force it. You’ll start preaching instead of sharing. You’ll start leaning on outside materials written by others. Before you know it, you’ve either quit or simply regurgitate the material of others. Your heart’s not in it any more. It’s a job – a ball and chain you’re dragging around. You’re not growing spiritually.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If blogging is to be the incubator of your own daily devotional, that means you to have your spiritual radar up all day. You know how we all get those fleeting thoughts of inspiration throughout the day? You know what? Within 5 minutes, our thoughts are elsewhere and we’ve forgotten it. Not if you’re blogging. You better capture that inspiring thought and write it down. I set up a title to a draft. I’ve got about 30 of them in the hopper right now. As I “tune in” spiritually I have reached a mountain top experience in my Christian walk.

All because of blogging. Keep in mind, these benefits accrue to me EVEN IF NOBODY EVER SEES MY BLOG!

I have a question for you. A challenge really. We all agree that “quiet time” with the Lord is a good thing, right? Than why keep it secret? After all, if it’s so good for you, wouldn’t others benefit too?

I hope you will consider turning your personal “quiet time” into a ministry of proclamation and encouragement. If God is giving you a vision for being a part of this EMPOWER ministry, I invite you to hit me up. I’d like to hear your story – and I bet others would too!

That verse in Matthew 5:15 comes to mind. Let’s not hide our light under the bushel. Instead, let’s raise it up on a stand.

The EMPOWER ministry could be that stand. Will you join us?

That’s what I think. I’m interested in your thoughts. There’s lots of ways to hit me up so let me hear from you.

You can leave your comments below.

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I am part of a team of bloggers that use our blogs to create a short devotional video. These inspirational, uplifting, and empowering videos are added to our YouTube playlist that is shown throughout the day in our live chat room. If you’d be interested in joining our team of Christian bloggers, I’d like to hear from you. You can find the link to join our fellowship here


Author: Mark Prasek

Christian Technologist. Find me on Twitter @DataGenesis

One thought on “Closet Devotional”

  1. I know we were talking about this today, but it is such a rich blessing that our ministries have collided and colluded, lol! Oh the unfathomable goodness of God! It is my prayer that other regular bloggers will be touched by the Holy Spirit to also try their hand at “vlogging”, as a way to expand their ministries of proclamation and encouragement. Soli Deo Gloria!


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