Get the Guts

Reading the bible, prayer, and fellowship are spiritual food. Are you going to settle for store bought stuff?


Do you ever have second thoughts after saying something? Not about what you said – what you didn’t say. Perhaps after an interview, presentation, or other important speech? Recently I blogged about blogging. As I watched the end product video, I was left with that “I wish I would have said” feeling, so today’s episode is sort of a follow up.

I like cooking and I don’t like washing dishes. My wife and I have kind of an unspoken agreement. It works well. I do the cooking and she cleans up the kitchen. We both work together making the grocery list. She’s good at spotting coupons. We usually both go to the grocery store together. We work well as a team.

When we go to the grocery store to buy chicken, we usually get a whole chicken. Why? First of all, I’m not paying a premium just to have someone else cut it up. But that’s not the most important reason. Inside the abdominal cavity of the whole chicken is the… GUTS! Yes, guts. Including the liver, heart and gizzard. As a bonus, you get the neck bone too.

I cut the chicken into the usual pieces. I fillet the meat off the breast. When I’m done, I take the backbone, the neck bone, and the guts and boil them. Now comes the good part. I remove the guts and such from the boiling water to let them cool down a bit, but I leave the water boiling. Then I start slicing up the guts into little pieces. Finally, I start picking the meat from the breast bone, backbone and neck bone. I’ve got a special knife that I use. It’s short and the end is just pointed enough to get down into the crevices of the neck bone. I work diligently to remove every scrap of meat from the bones. It takes nearly an hour. I know, it’s not worth it but I truly enjoy it. When I get done, the bones could be tossed outside and I assure you no ants would ever show up!

The whole time I’m working on this, the dog is at my feet. Not my dog. My wife’s dog. That little chihuahau – jack russell terrier mix is no friend of mine. When I’m alone in the house, if I’m downstairs, she’s upstairs. If I go upstairs, she goes downstairs. But when I’m fixing chicken, you’d think she was my best friend. She may not be friendly, but she is smart. She knows a treat is on the way.

Remember that water that was left simmering? It’s now been reduced to a thick broth. Nothing like that dirty water they call chicken broth at the store. My brew glistens with the golden fats that have been boiled from of the meat. The little chunks of meat that boiled away from the carcass gives it added… texture? Character? Something!

After it cools down, I combine equal parts of chicken meat and dog food and douse it with the chicken broth. That little dog devours it – then returns upstairs. Well, at least I had a friend for a few minutes.

Now it’s time for the rice. Do you boil rice in water? Or maybe use that store bought dirty water stuff they call chicken broth? You haven’t lived! When you’re done, you’ve either got some sort of starch white paste or dry grain. Good luck chewing that and getting it down! My rice cooked in home made chicken broth not only looks good, it tastes good and goes down better than slick and slimy boiled okra. It’s a real “stick to your ribs” gourmet side dish worthy of being an entree fit for a king. Made from stuff that many folks throw out!

By my count, we’re near 600 words and all I’ve given you is a recipe and shared some good old southern style cooking secrets. I hope you’ll enjoy some good chicken and rice – with GUTS.

I share all of this as an illustration. Here’s my real point. Reading the bible, prayer, and fellowship are spiritual food. Are you going to settle for store bought stuff? Boiled in water? Whatever the church serves up? It’s OK, but you’re missing out on the guts – the really good stuff. It takes extra time to pick every morsel from the bones, but it’s worth it.

I “get the guts” spiritually by blogging. I’m kinda new at it, but I wish I would have started years ago. For me, blogging is like cooking that chicken. You dig down deep and harvest every morsel. It takes extra time, but it’s way better. It’s not something I do for an hour a day. It becomes a state of mind that makes you hyper sensitive to things around you in a spiritual sense. Throughout the day, what was once casual observations and fleeting thoughts that are soon forgotten become little lessons that I kinda chew on and savor to  enrich my own spiritual experience – and I get to share them! Nothing gets wasted. For me, blogging is the glistening fat and giblets of meat in the broth of life that “sticks to your ribs” – in a spiritual kinda way.

This is so rich. Almost miraculous. Making chicken and rice has gone from a bland meal routinely prepared to an inspiration. Life is good folks. Do the extra work to “get the guts”.

That’s what I think. I’m interested in your thoughts. There’s lots of ways to hit me up so let me hear from you.

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Author: Mark Prasek

Christian Technologist. Find me on Twitter @DataGenesis

One thought on “Get the Guts”

  1. What a fabulous illustration! When we “mine the depths” of God’s Word daily, He DOES make us hypersensitive to the events of our daily lives. I regret all the years I did not do so.
    Another thing I have noticed is that He frequently makes me live what I write! At the moment, I am progressing through Paul’s letters, in chronological order. For example…When I hit Ephesians 6… I won’t write the details here, but it is no exaggeration to say I found myself in the nexus of a cataclysmic spiritual battle. Thank God for His armor, and for reminding me of it through my blogging/study during my times of spiritual study/refreshment.


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