5 Basic Mistakes Churches Make Over and Over Again

I love Twitter. It’s not social media, it’s a mission field. Today I was checking out my recent followers so I could follow them back. You do that, right? Twitter 101 – follow back people who are like minded. Today I hit the jackpot!

Let me start by saying this is not a commercial or paid endorsement of any kind – although it may seem like it.

I have devoted years of my life trying to get churches to push the technological envelope. It’s an uphill battle. It seems like dragging them by their hair as they’re kicking and screaming trying to get them across the technological threshold. I get tired, angry, and depressed.

But today I am inspired. I was recently followed by @reachright on Twitter. I followed back, but felt led to check them out. What I found is mind blowing. Finally – someone who gets it! These folks think right. That means they think like I do!

I think I’ve found a brother by a different mother. His name is Carey Nieuwhof and he is apparently staff at Connexus Church near Toronto Canada. He’s apparently part of a team of high tech Christian professionals. Their high tech signature is abounding. They do websites, they blog, they use a link shortening service, etc. They know all the techno tricks! You can even leave them a voice mail message from one of their websites (and I intend to do just that). Would you believe their “Contact Us” page even lists their phone number! What a novel idea that many organizations purposefully leave out. They proclaim to “reach out” yet they’re basically unapproachable. I could do an entire blog on that (and I think I will)!

They got many good articles. Really. Not just interesting – CHALLENGING! Not another “life coach” spewing the doctrine of success” – at a price by the way. Instead, they generously offer coaching spiced with Christian truth.

One article grabbed my attention and has inspired me to do a 5 part series of videos. I strongly urge you to check our their blog. Here’s a link to the article that this series is inspired by



Thinking cheap

First, you end up with inferior products, whether that’s furniture, technology or even ministry (Here, leader…do world class children’s ministry on $140 a year).  Cheap things break earlier and more easily, and you end up replacing them frequently. So often, you don’t even save much money.

Why do some church leaders want to underfund the most important ministry on earth?

Starting late

Some people got their kids up early, made breakfast, showered quickly and fought traffic to show up on time. When you start late, you dishonour all their effort.

Deciding it’s good enough

God didn’t decide his work was good enough, so why should the church? He gave his best. His all. He threw the full force of his majesty not just into creation, but into redemption.

Strangely, many people will give 100% to the marketplace, a hobby or their family, and then give 60% when they serve God. Makes no sense. At all.

Choosing easy over effective

Being effective means you dig in when others retreat. It means you ask the 11th question when everyone else stopped at ten. It means you wake up early and sometimes stay up late trying to figure out how to do better.

It means you call out the best in people and ask them to bring their best energy, focus and skill to advancing the mission of the church.

That’s effective.

And it’s not easy. But it’s worth it.

Thinking that conversations like these are  unspiritual

The best prayer is rooted in action. Praying about forgiveness when you’re unwilling to forgive is pointless.

Praying for your church if you’re unwilling to act on it doesn’t make any sense either.

If we believe God is the author of our hearts, minds, souls, strength and gifts, then we should be willing to lend all of the above to further the mission.



Author: Mark Prasek

Christian Technologist. Find me on Twitter @DataGenesis

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