A Good Deal

I hit the jackpot at the grocery store today


I hit the jackpot at the grocery store today…

  • Right Guard Deodorant – the clear gel, not that smudgy greasy powder stuff that winds up all over your shirt. $2.83 as compared with my regular brand at $4.99 AND it was buy one, get one free! AND there was a $1.00 manufacturer’s deal for $1.00 off each – that totals $2.00. I got TWO for at whopping total of $0.83 cents each!
  • $50 Shell gas card for $40. I had to have the actual paper coupon, but they’ve got the flyers when you enter the store. I had to buy $50 worth of groceries, but I didn’t buy anything I didn’t need AND most of what I bought was buy one, get one free.

Do you ever hit the jackpot like that? Do you tell anybody?

It’s just our nature to share our joy isn’t it? And we do care about our friends and want them to have the benefit of our experience, right?

So – why don’t we share the Gospel? Aren’t we truly excited about our Christian walk? We’re even instructed to share our joys. Phillipians 4:4 (NIV)

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!

I actually had a hard time finding that verse. There are so many verses about joy in the bible!

I think it would go a long way to share the Gospel if we simply got as excited about our salvation as we are finding a good deal at the grocery store!

That’s what’s on my mind. I’m interested in your thoughts. There’s lots of ways to hit me up so let me hear from you.

You can leave your comments below.

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Author: Mark Prasek

Christian Technologist. Find me on Twitter @DataGenesis

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