Reaching Out to Life Coaches

We can improve ourselves by exercising control over our thoughts. So true!


Part of my daily routine is going through the people who follow me on Twitter and following them back (if they are like minded). I sometimes check out their bio page, read a few of their tweets, and check out their blog if they have one. You meet some interesting people.

Being a coach myself (my Twitter name is Coach Prasek) I attract my fair share of “life coaches”. One of them appeared to be in his late 20’s! Life coach? Really? Most of them are interesting and seem like they’re trying to bring out the best in others – well intentioned you might say. I commend them.

I ran across this one recently. Here’s an outline of their pep talk:

  • Facts are things you can prove. “Proof” is cited as something everyone would agree on.
  • Thoughts are sentences in your mind – what you think about the facts
  • Thoughts become feelings
  • Feeling are like a vibration in your mind
  • Feelings create behavior
  • Behavior has consequences

In summary, we can improve ourselves by exercising control over our thoughts. So true!

I don’t know if it was a volitional act of political correctness or just innocent ignorance, but there’s an ingredient missing from an otherwise great recipe – God!

Where do thoughts come from? I believe there is a battle for our thoughts – and thus our mind and our soul. This battle is being waged in another dimension – the unseen spiritual realm. The combatants are both principalities with powers that we are no match for. So who’s gonna win?

Our thoughts are like two little furry puppies. One is a wolf, the other is a German Shepard. One will grow up to be a devouring predator, the other a loyal servant and companion. So, which one grows up stronger and wins?

The one you feed!

Life coaches have so much to offer. They have committed themselves to bringing out the excellence found within all of us. I’m grateful for their contributions and their dedicated efforts to improve the world by improving the individual. I’d like to thank the life coach and recent Twitter follower and give credit and attribution to her tweet that inspired this blog

It’s like eating fish. Eat the meat and spit out the bones.

That’s what’s on my mind. I’m interested in your thoughts. There’s lots of ways to hit me up so let me hear from you.

You can leave your comments below.

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Author: Mark Prasek

Christian Technologist. Find me on Twitter @DataGenesis

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