Boot Up

Those fancy shoes y’all wear in New York city ain’t suitable for anything more rugged than the sidewalk


Ever had a computer that won’t boot? That makes it pretty much worthless doesn’t it?

Not really.

Chances are the data is still there. You just can’t use it.

At the beginning of a hard drive is a special reserved section called the “boot sector”. When you power up, the boot sector contains the instructions to the computer to load up the operating system.

Therefore, the “boot sector” is the foundation upon which everything else is built. If the “boot sector” is bad, the fact that the rest of the hard drive is good is of no consequence – it cannot be used.

The term “boot up” stems from the notion of “pulling yourself up by your boot straps”. That notion symbolizes the importance of a foundation of good footing.

Speaking of boots, did you ever watch that show “What Not To Wear”? I wish they would have had me on that show. If they think their gonna teach me a few things about what to wear, I have a few things they need to know about what men should wear.

Clinton Kelly? What kind of name is that? A first name that could also be a last name and a last name that could also be a first name. We’re off to a bad start. OK Clinton Kelly, let this southern gentlemen tell you a few things they don’t tell you in New York City.

  • The vast amount of this country is not like New York city – good thing

  • I would not take fashion advice from someone who looks like you. I don’t want to look like that.

  • Outside of the streets, sidewalks, and carpeted offices of New York city is the United States of America. A vast expanse of forests and waterways. We call it “God’s Country”.

  • To navigate and conquer this wild land, men wear boots – because they’re rugged and protect our feet.

Nice shoes you’re wearing there in New York city. Problem is, if you encounter broken glass, fire, briars, or other rugged conditions, you’re gonna be worthless. You are not prepared to be a Knight in Shining Armor to save the day.

This is a Wolverine boot

  • Thick rugged leather

  • 6 inches of ankle support

  • LEATHER laces

  • Tongue SEWED to the upper

  • laces that distribute the stress over the entire upper portion

  • STITCHED to the sole

This is NOT a Wolverine boot

  • Thin (or even fake) leather

  • less ankle support

  • FABRIC laces

  • tongue not sewn to upper

  • laces only pull the end of the upper

  • GLUED to the sole

Ephesians 6:15 New International Version (NIV)

15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.

Christians, we are at war and this ain’t New York city. Spiritually speaking, we need to “boot up” and I don’t mean with “glue shoes”

Author: Mark Prasek

Christian Technologist. Find me on Twitter @DataGenesis

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