Four Vectors of Flight

Mankind has always had a fascination with flight. It’s as if something is calling us heavenward.


Mankind has always had a fascination with flight. It’s as if something is calling us heavenward.

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Maybe some of those who tried to fly should have taken a hint from… well, GOD! Take a look at a bird. It has wings. Wings are an airfoil. Here’s how an airfoil works. It’s called the four vectors:


Let’s look at each four:

  • Weight – Gravity, it’s pulling us downward
  • Drag (or Wind Resistance) – Drag, dust on the rear window. Wind Resistance, stick your arm out the window of a moving car
  • Thrust – the engines move the plane forward, forcing air to move across the wings to create
  • Lift – it is the air moving OVER the top of the wing that produces lift.

Mankind’s quest for flight tells me that there’s something in us calling us heavenward. It’s almost like we were built to soar, but something’s holding us back. Let’s take a look at the four vectors through a spiritual lens.

Gravity – there’s something pulling us down. It’s called gravity. An airplane does not fly because it OPPOSES, SUSPENDS or NEGATES gravity. Nothing in an airplane reduces gravity. Rather, an airplane is engineered to MINIMIZE the effect of gravity. You see, airplanes are built with aluminum. Why?

  • is aluminum cheap? NO! It’s expensive compared to other metals.
  • is aluminum strong? NO! It’s among the weakest of metals.

so why aluminum? Because it’s LIGHT. Planes are built to be light to minimize the effects of gravity.

Evil, like gravity, exists.

And it always will.

Is your strength and joy being siphoned off by evil? Maybe it’s time to take a hint from airplanes and lighten your load. Any crusade to eliminate evil is destined to failure. You can’t eliminate evil any more than a plane can eliminate gravity. But you can minimize the effects of evil. In fact, you can OVERCOME evil just as a plane overcomes gravity – by moving FORWARD!

Drag and Wind Resistance – as we MOVE FORWARD as Christians, we can encounter the spiritual effects of drag and wind resistance – but only if we’re MOVING! Want to eliminate drag and wind resistance? Just do nothing! That’s right. Stand still spiritually and Satan will stop resisting you. You can even sit still in a church pew – as long as you’re not moving!

Thrust – if you’re going to soar, there must be thrust – and YOU are going to have to provide it! Yes there will be drag and wind resistance, but remember, the wind resistance is evidence that air is moving OVER your wings (spiritually speaking).

Lift – spiritual thrust moves you forward. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The same immutable laws of physics that keeps a parked airplane on the ground are now working in favor of flight. But to generate lift to take off, full thrust is required. When planes take off, they do so under FULL POWER! Anything less would result in disaster.

What if a pilot said “well, I’m gonna give this a try. I’m going to ease down the runway, and if the plane takes off, THEN I’ll give it full thrust”. Nope. The pilot applies full power on take off – there’s only a certain amount of runway. In fact, applying full throttle is an act of faith. If the plane doesn’t take off, it’s going way too fast on the runway and will not be able to stop short of a crash at the end of the runway.

Yes, there’s something either out there or inside of us (or both) calling us heavenward. But if we’re going to soar we’re going to have to understand and apply the principles of the four vectors.

Author: Mark Prasek

Christian Technologist. Find me on Twitter @DataGenesis

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